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Finished my TEFL course :)


Well, I finished all 20 units. Now, I am waiting for access to the final lesson plan that I need to submit. 

Then, I will be certified! Woot Woot! :) 

This calls for a mini celebration..oh wait..I can’t…sister lives in a dry county..no bars. 

Whomp Whomp.

On other things, anyone know if the lesson plan portion is difficult (for ITTT, Tefl online)? Or, is it generally like all other lesson plans we have done in the past?

the only part I found difficult were the “tutors” or whatever they’re called. the arbitrary people who check the lesson plans and tell you if its good enough for a classroom. when i was taking the tests i had already been teaching for 3 years so I was kind of offended when they sent it back and told me to change something that “wasn’t good enough” or “wouldn’t work” (this happened maybe twice) I would fix the thing they told me too and kept thinking “this would never actually work in a classroom in korea!!”

other than that I found it really easy.
good luck!!